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    Design: How are they built?  
      They may be implemented in several ways, first of all, it may be done by hardware using Field effect Transistors or operational amplifiers, but most NN are built with software. There are very good and flexible tools available on the web that can emulate many kinds of neurons, synaptic connections, and structures.   

Basic Element - Artificial Neuron - There are with binary, analog or pulse-coded output. It's basically a process unit connected to other units through synaptic connections. 

The structure of the Net - Interconnection of basic elements. The way basic units are connected.

An example is the Multi-Layer Perceptron trained with the  "back-propagation" algorithm. It’s a network composed by several layers of neurons based on exponential functions, and whose synaptic connections are determined in order to diminish a quadratic error.

Another example is the Kohonen Self-organizing Map, in which only the output must be know.

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