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For electricity and electronic engineer, the importance of a convenient interpretation of electromagnetic laws goes beyond the usual benefits of a well approved curse. A student that invests enough time to the analysis and understanding of electromagnetism and its laws, will find that the interdependencies between electric and magnetic fields are the essence of the theories of circuits, lines, antennas, propagation, and guided waves.

      In low or high frequency, in a transmission line, in a card plenty of chips, or in an antenna, Maxwell equations in their different forms will be what will rule the electric and magnetic behavior. The deference will be the approximations that we will do on the Maxwell equations and on the other electromagnetic concepts.

These approximations will lead in certain groups of problems to simplified models, which in turns will permit inside the frame of an specific theory, the analysis of very complicated problems. 


Finally it's convenient to mention the growing availability of computing resources that make feasible on one hand, to resolve numerically integer-differential equations that has no closed solution, and on the other hand make possible the solution of new electromagnetic problems using finite differences and finite elements techniques. In order to do that it is necessary to have an appropriated interpretation of the Maxwell equations.

I sincerely wish that these notes will be helpful and that no one sees to electromagnetism as an obstacle in their carriers. Instead, electromagnetic theory must be seen as an adequate illumination that helps to watch clearer into all areas of the electricity and electronics.

Another suggestion, do not memorize mathematical expression, Understand them!, this will increases your efficiency and will make nicer your the efforts.


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