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    Some employed tools. From the Artificial Intelligence.  
    Neural Networks: Group of interconnected non-linear units organized in layers. They may be mathematical functions and numbers stored in a digital computer, but also may be implemented with analog devices like the Field Effect Transistors (FET).

Despite the increase of speed and the integration scale in semiconductors, the best contribution of NN must wait for faster, massive and parallel computers.


Kohonen Featured Map: Is a type of Neural Network that is unsupervised trained. The data is shown to the structure and it will become sensitive to patterns presented. Once trained It is capable to identify such patterns in a new data.

Pattern Recognition: A group of techniques oriented to evaluate the similarity and the difference between signals. Several kinds of preprocessing like Fourier transformations are involved.

k-nearest neighbor: A procedure that classifies records in file identifying  clusters and deciding to which cluster each record belongs to in the file.

Genetic Algorithm: Emulating the species evolution with mutations, reproduction, genes combination, and selection, these algorithms lead to programs and optimizations that may be applied in the building and training of other structures, like Neural Networks for example.

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