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  Applications: Some of the areas in which Data mining has been successful.  

Fraud Detection: This is an application that may be considered as a classifier
technique. In fact, when the algorithm analyzes a lot of transactions it will
try to categorize the illegitimated ones, by means of identifying certain features
that these records have in common. This may be used in the corporation to prevent
the completion of a process that is showing up to belong to a dangerous

Credit Risk Analysis: This is very similar to the above application, with the
advantage of the existence of traditional ways to do this task. Classic
Scorecards procedures may be complemented and improved with the help of Data


Sky Survey Cataloging: Due to the high contribution of image recognition and
preprocessing involved in this task, this application may be considered also as to
belong to the image pattern recognition area.

Text Mining: With billions of web pages, new technologies are needed to find,
classify, and detect particular patterns in the information available. The
essence of Data Mining method applied to numeric data can be applied to literal
entities too.

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